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I will be walking the full length of the Roman Limes in 2018.

21-28 April 2018 - Hadrian's Wall - England
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19-24 May 2018 - Antonine Wall - Scotland
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Planned for 2019:
Roman Limes - Netherlands
Day to day coverage on this blog with text and videos.
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Nicolaes Petter

Biography and training manual of the 17th Century Wrestling Master and Wine Merchant

Published October 2013

Biography and training manual featuring the life and martial art of Nicolaes Petter from Amsterdam.
Foreword by Mixed Martial Arts legend Bas Rutten (www.basrutten.com), the only man comparable with the talented and undefeated wrestler Nicolaes Petter and his entertaining antics.

ISBN 9781105916694,
Pages: 642,
Size: 14.81 cm wide x 20.98 cm tall x 3.5 cm thick,
Weight: 1.04 kg,
Language : English.

Who is Nicolaes Petter?
Nicolaes Petter was a Wine Merchant and a well-known and undefeated Wrestler in Amsterdam during the 17th century. In 1674 his knowledge about wrestling and self-defence was published in a book with 71 etchings by the famous artist and illustrator Romeyn de Hooghe. According to martial artists and historians, it is one of the most important martial arts books ever published. Copies of his book are highly valued items in the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and in many other collections of museums and universities all over the world. The name of the book is ‘Klare onderrichtinge der voortreffelijke worstel-konst’ (‘Clear tuition in the excellent art of wrestling’). Petter must have had a great love for everything Greek like sports, mythology, science and wisdom which he shared this with all merchant-gentlemen in Amsterdam at the time. After a decade of working in a wine and beer garden with a dancing room (lusthof met mighel kit/danskamer) he started his wine business at the Prinsengracht at a house he named Gustaafsburgh. His students were mostly merchants and other gentry like people from the government, the city regents and from royal background, but also had commoners as students.

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In 1814 a German translation was published of a Netherlands print of Petter’s book. It was printed in Berlin by Louis Quien: "Das Ringerbuch von dem beruhmten Faustfechter und Ringer Nicolaus Petter". The book had only 32 pages containing only text and was meant for the students of the Berlinische Turnanstalt (Berlin Gymnastics Institute). The translation and additional text were from the hand of J. F. Lurman. The original copyright page and foreword are not included and neither are the 71 etchings by Romeyn de Hooghe.

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Morhof's account of breaking glasses with use of the human voice as performed by Nicolaes Petter, wrestler and wine merchant in 17th century Amsterdam.

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