Hiking for traces of the Roman era

I will be walking the full length of the Roman Limes in 2018.

19-24 May 2018 - Antonine Wall - Scotland

21-28 April 2018 - Hadrian's Wall - England

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With these walks I will be crowdfunding for the Scottish Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals.
You can help raise money for this great cause by donating directly to the fundraising page: The Romans Walls for Animal Welfare (SPCA): https://www.justgiving.com/jeromeblanes1


Monday, February 26, 2018

The right gear

I am basically now fully geared up on everything I need: Bagpack, shoes, clothing, rain protection, etc. My choice was towards tactical gear rather than outdoors recreational gear. Most I bought myself and some was as usual provided by my brother who works for a well known company I shall not name without his permission. I also stocked up on a multitude of tactical gadgets and electronic gadgets which I will fully test during the walks. All my findings can be read here on a daily basis.
Other than my brother's gear and 2 shirts received from the SPCA, I have had no sponsoring. I don't really need anything but any ideas are of course more than welcome.