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The history and culture of a typical Netherlands phenomenon: Bekkesnijders (Maul Cutters), a violent and crude traditional knife fighting art as practiced through at least 3 centuries (with a manual describing the techniques and strategies). Click for more information.

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April 2017
.Published October 2013.
Biography (and training manual) featuring the life and martial art of Nicolaes Petter from Amsterdam. Foreword by Mixed Martial Arts legend Bas Rutten (www.basrutten.com), the only man comparable with the talented and undefeated wrestler Nicolaes Petter and his entertaining antics. This book has caused a lot of commotion due to its extensive broad research and overal completeness, setting the tone for a new way of researching and publishing history books.

ISBN 9781105916694,
Pages: 642,
Size: 14.81 cm wide x 20.98 cm tall x 3.5 cm thick,
Weight: 1.04 kg,
Language : English. 

Nicolaes Petter was a Wine Merchant and a well-known and undefeated Wrestler in Amsterdam during the 17th century. In 1674 his knowledge about wrestling and self-defence was published in a book with 71 etchings by the famous artist and illustrator Romeyn de Hooghe. The name of the book is ‘Klare onderrichtinge der voortreffelijke worstel-konst’ (‘Clear tuition in the excellent art of wrestling’). Click for more information.